Cateco Pack of 10 Dry Pads


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Make taking care of your kitty’s litter box easy with Noba Cateco Dry Pads, 10-count. These extremely absorbent pads prevent liquids from sticking to the bottom of your feline friend’s litter box.

When placed in the lower section of the NOBA Cateco Litter Box, liquids will drip down and be absorbed by the dry pad instead of sticking to the plastic like a regular box.

Purr-fectly cut to fit your Cateco litter box (sold separately), these pads are quick and easy to change and help keep urine and smelly odours contained.

Help create a clean environment for your furry friend and keep your home smelling clean and fresh.

Sold in a 10-pack so you are always prepared.

Key Benefits

  • Extremely absorbent pads eases the cleaning of your Cateco Litter Box (sold separately).
  • Pads prevent liquids from sticking to the bottom of the litter box.
  • Avoids accumulation of odour and keeps the litter box fresh.
  • Quick and easy to change
  • 10-pack assures you are always prepared.