Chipsi Sunshine Bio Plus Meadow Hay with Carrots


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The EXTRA of taste:
With four different ingredients

CHIPSI SUNSHINE BIO PLUS Organic Mountain Meadow Hay with tasty sweet organic carrot  is a natural product from 100% organic farming. The field-dried organic mountain meadow howl is for the natural diet of rodents and small animals a high-quality, nutrient-rich single feed with high crude fiber content, it supports the natural tooth wear, promotes digestion and intestinal flora.

Organic quality from strictly controlled, organic farming, pure and untreated, free from chemical pesticides and mineral fertilizers.

Impressive benefits

  • High quality straight feed for rodents and small animals
  • High crude fiber content
  • From nutrient-rich mountain meadows with high species diversity
  • Promotes digestion
  • Gently dried
  • optionally with dandelion, peppermint apple or carrot