Francodex Toothpaste Chewable 20 tablets


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Properties:             Fights bad breath & tartar deposit

Intended species: Dogs

Contents:                20 tablets

Mode of action 

The build-up of dental plaque in your dog’s teeth forms tartar which can cause bad breath. As the plaque and tartar spread below the gum line, tooth decay and gum disease may result, even leading to the loss of teeth.

With its original formulation of pomegranate extract, inulin and essential oils of parsley and peppermint. Francodex chewable toothpaste effectively combats the causes of bad breath.

The pomegranate extract has an anti-plaque action which limits tartar formation and freshens the breath.

Recommendations for use  

Feed the tablet to your dog outside of meals. To ease feeding , each tablet can be cut in two.

  • Dogs that weigh less than 5kg:  1/2 tablet daily.
  • Dogs between 5 and 20kg :1 tablet per day.
  • Dogs that weigh more than 20kg :2 tablets a day

Use Francodex chewable tablet for 15 consecutive days upon first use, thereafter every two days. Always make sure your dog has access to fresh and clean water

The importance of good oral hygiene for dogs 

All dog breeds have a natural predisposition to produce dental plaque and tartar that settle on tooth enamel and slip between teeth and gums. Some specific breeds like Poodles, Yorkshires, Bichons , Shih Tzu, and especially small dogs, are even more subject to this phenomenon , called periodontal disease.

This pathology presents the following symptoms:

  • Bad breath : the odours related to tartar deposit are not pleasant for the dog nor his  entourage!
  • Loosening of teeth and infections : dental problems are always accompanied by pain, even if the dog does not express it.

Some dogs may lose almost all of their teeth if oral hygiene is lacking and cleaning of the oral cavity not performed on regular basis.