Medi-gut 100ml (Probiotic)



Medi-Gut is a probiotic supplement for pets.  It restores, maintains and promotes the healthy intestinal microflora found in the gut.

  • Use probiotics as a supplement while treating a pet for:
    • – Diarrhoea
    • – Candida overgrowtth
    • – Constipation
    • – Spastic colon
    • – Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Helps to improve the health and immune system.
  • Medi-Gut has a Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil as a base. This oil protects the micro-organisms against moisture, oxygen and heat.  The MCT oil helps the micro-organisims last longer in the open environment than they would in ordinary powder products.
  • Palatable.
  • Easy application.