Pet Poo Drain Kit


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The Pet Poo Drain is very easy to install and it fits onto your normal 90-degree elbow house drain. Just pick up your pet’s poop, unscrew the lid, and drop in the poop. No chemicals needed. And gone is the poop, no more smelly poop in garbage bags in your yard.

Perfect for any person who has pets and has to pick up their poop. Very convenient and ideal for pet owners who live in pet-friendly complexes. And every house owner with pets can have a beautiful poop free lawn.

– Provide a hygienic finish after installation
– Cover the drain outlet neatly

– Dimensions: 185mm x 185mm x 195mm
– Weight: 500gram
– Material: Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

Packed Specifications:
– Dimensions: 190mm x 190mm x 200mm
– Weight: 587gram

What’s in the box:
– 1 x Pet Poo Drain
– 1 x Lid
– 1 x Clamp

Compatible Bends:

The Pet Poo Drain is very easy to install and it fits onto your above ground 110mm, 90-degree elbow bent house drain pipe. The bent elbow drain must have an inspection cap in order to unscrew it and fit the Pet Poo Drain on the inspection hole.

Installation Guide: 


Step 1

Remove drain inspection cap.


Step 2

Attach the Pet Poo Drain over the inspection hole.


Step 3

Fasten the Pet Poo Drain with the supplied clamp