Rani’s Germinated Seeds/Sprout 1kg



  1. Dilute 2ml Jik in 2L water. Soak seeds overnight. F10 or Milton can also be used.
  2. Use an empty 2L cold drink bottle and rinse well. Make small holes in the bottle or use a sprouter.
  3. Put the soaked seeds in the bottle and rinse well. Do not place in direct sunlight. Rinse 2 x per day.
  4. Rinse again before serving. It must smell like freshly chopped green beans or freshly cut grass.

DISCARD SPROUTS if it smells sour or looks mouldy.


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Buck Wheat, Jap, Millet Barley, Popcorn, Wheat, Dehulled Sunflower, Black Lentils, Black Rape, Mung Beans.