Reptizoo Ceramic Heat Emitter (Black)



REPTI-ZOO reptile series Ceramics Heating Lamp produces far infrared ray heat source similar to the sun.

The ceramics lamps produce long-wave infrared heat source energy (called far infrared ray), which effectively warms the reptile pets.

The infrared rays penetrate the pet’s skin, promote blood circulation, improve immunity, and enhance the health and accelerates the recovery process in reptiles

– Produced with high-quality ceramics powder and high-quality glaze baked two times in a kiln. The material and process result in a heat source that produces infrared ray heating source.

– 100% imported nickel alloy heating wire wrapped in woven silk results in fast heating and stable temperature.

– 10,000 hours of life is 3 times as much as an ordinary ceramics lamp.

– The temperature production will not continue to increase as a preventative safety feature.

– EEach product has passed European CE certificate and conform with ROHS environmental protection requirements

– The non-light producing heat source provides a heat source day and night, but does not affect the animals sleep cycle.

– Ceramic Heat Emitters will not crack if splashing water and are suitable for terrariums with higher humidity.



DL275050B    75x100mm    50w     E27

DL275075B    75x100mm    75w     E27

DL275100B    75x100mm   100w    E27