Triworm-D XL


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Worm remedy against adult and immature stages of ascarids, hookworms , whipworms and tapeworms in dogs.

Directions for use:

Use only as directed

  • Can be administered directly, or mixed with meat, or crushed and mixed with feed.
  • Feeding and fasting before treatment in not necessary.


Dose according to body mass i.e. 1tablet/35kg body mass, plus half a tablet for every additional 17 kg body mass e.g

Body mass (kg) Dosage
20-35 kg 1 tablet
36-52 kg 1 1/2 tablet
53-70 kg 2 tablets
  • Dogs should be dewormed at regular intervals of 3-6 months in order to control worm infestation.
  • Can be given safely to all dogs including old animals, working dogs, greyhounds, and even to pregnant bithes 10 days before whelping